Finding A Tire For The Season

8 June 2017
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The tires that you put on your car are very important to the way that the car handles and drives. Unless you have a very intense job, driving is likely the most dangerous thing that you are going to be doing each day. There are an average of 1.3 million automobile accidents each year, or approximately 3,000 deaths a day.  That is a lot of accidents, so it is important that you are driving a car that has extremely good tires. The tires that you choose to put on your car have a direct correlation with the traction and control that you have on the vehicle. Here are a few different types of tires and how they have been engineered to give you better traction:

Winter Tires

Perhaps some of the most dangerous driving conditions occur when there is snow and ice on the road. This can be a treacherous time to be on the road. There is nothing quite like losing control of a vehicle because the roads are so icy. The tires that you put on your car during the winter should be winter tires. These tires are engineered with microcrystals that will give you traction in even the worst of conditions. The tires are also built out of special soft rubber that tends to flatten out and allow these crystals to grab the ice.

Summer Tires

The tire that you should have on most of the time is a summer tire. This type of tire is going to be engineered specifically for summer weather. These tires are generally made from harder rubber, but will often have a softer outside. The outside of a summer tire will often get a little bit soft and sticky when they heat up and you start driving. This is a subtle change and you may not be able to notice it. The softness and the stickiness of the tire are what increases the traction for the car.


The tread of tires is designed specifically for certain situations. Take an off-road tire, the tread has to be super wide to allow the tire to flip the mud and unconsolidated soil out of the tire. The tread of snow tires are usually fairly tight and allows for the snow to be thrown from the tread. You also want to make sure that you are always driving a tire that has enough tread to be safe. Talk to your tire specialist to get the tires that are best and safest for you.