Understanding Your Car Wash Options

12 March 2018
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Most people take a lot of pride in the car that they drive, and it is natural to want to keep your car clean. While some people wash their car at home, many others prefer to visit a car was. In most cities there are numerous car washes, and you can find different types of car washes. Continue reading to learn more about your different types of car wash options:

Automated Car Wash

Automated car washes are often found at gas stations, although they are sometimes located at dedicated car wash businesses. If you choose an automated car wash, you will drive into a space and your car will be cleaned with brushes, soap, and water before it is dried with jets blowing out high-pressured air. Automated car washes are typically quite affordable, so they are a good option when your car is very dirty but you do not have a lot of time or money.

If you choose to visit an automated car wash at a dedicated car wash business, you may have the option to pay a little extra and have your car hand-dried. This can still be an affordable option, and having your car hand-dried after going through an automated car wash ensures that there are no spots or streaks on the windshield, windows, or the surface of your vehicle.

Self-Service Car Wash

Many people enjoy washing their car themselves by hand, but some people do not have the equipment or space to do so. In these situations, the best option is to head for a self-service car wash. At a self-service car wash, you park in a bay, insert coins, and then use the brushes and hoses to wash and rinse your vehicle. While some self-service car washes offer towels for drying, many do not, so make sure you know in advance what is offered so you can bring your own towels for drying if needed.

Full Service Hand-Wash Car Wash

If you really want your vehicle to sparkle, head to a full service hand-wash car wash. At these type of car washes, trained staff will wash and dry your car by hand and then clean all of the windows. Many full service car washes also offer auto detailing services, do you can arrange to have both the inside and the outside of your car cleaned. Even if you don't want your vehicle detailed, most full service car washes include vacuuming the inside of your vehicle as part of the car wash package.